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Reflecting on 2012

by kaitgaiss on January 9, 2013, no comments

Just saw Brad Feld’s post, reflecting on 2012 and bringing in the new year. It’s inspired me to do something along the same lines. 2012 was an interesting year for me. We had an up-and-down season with lacrosse, and although it was difficult on me to not see playing time, I used the experience to improve my mental and physical game and become closer with my teammates. What I learned is that as long as I am the best teammate I can be and constantly demand excellence from myself each and every day, I’ll be pretty happy.

When the Fall 2011 semester began, I decided to step up my game with school. For better or worse, my GPA has never been the most important thing to me. Instead, I tend to value taking risks in the classroom and exploring different areas. As a result, I’ve taken environmental engineering, done an independent study on researching the effects of art therapy on treating young Haitian children with PTSD (following the 2010 earthquake), and have taught a class on social entrepreneurship. Needless to say, it’s been an interesting ride. But I wanted to do better. So, in 2011-2012, I worked my ass off and landed a 3.725 GPA for the year. Still upset with that B in Managerial Finance, haha.

Over the summer, I went to the West Coast for the first time (that one time I went as a baby doesn’t count). I met some amazing people and became drawn in by the energy and feel of the Bay Area. At the end of my time there, I made an incredibly hard call with regards to my personal life, and couldn’t be prouder that I had the courage to do so. I haven’t looked back since.

In the last six months alone, I’ve traveled to SF, Montreal, Boston, Vermont, DC, Durham, NYC, and will soon be in Asheville, NC for the first time! Asheville is a place I’ve always wanted to vist (the Biltmore, craft breweries, and all that good stuff), and I’m getting really excited to embark on this bus trip with all of my teammates for a weekend of hiking, s’mores, and bonding.

Taken earlier this afternoon, my senior class and I get ready to tackle the 2013 season.

2012 was good to me. I saw and learned a lot. I think all that you can ask for in a calendar year is that you grow and develop as an individual in a positive way. I feel like I accomplished that (if you can call personal growth an accomplishment, I look at it as more of a way of life), and am looking forward to all this new year holds.

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