New adventures

As I top off my first month living and working in the Bay Area, I find myself trying to make sense of this new reality. Over the course of the last four weeks, I have dragged hundred pound duffle bags from San Jose to San Francisco, enjoyed multiple outdoor patio brunches courtesy of my food-truck-drivin’ Airbnb host, hustled my way into signing a lease on a great apartment in an even better neighborhood, re-painted said apartment, and – oh yes – begun my life as a young professional.

A lot has happened in just four weeks…

I’ve somehow morphed into an urban cyclist and expert of Caltrain commutes.

I put the windows down, blasted some tunes, and embarked on my first California road trip – hopping in the back seat of a car to float in this dream-like canyon river named Arroyo Seco (though it translates in Spanish to “dry creek”).

With the addition of some new Craigslist purchases and a fresh coat of paint, my apartment is starting to feel more and more like a home…a place where I can hunker down for the next few years.

And, my office no longer feels like non-navigable alien terrain, but a comfortable place where serious hours are spent learning and doing great, valuable, and exciting work.


After a full month of transit mishaps and learning how to balance work and personal pursuits, I feel more at ease. My first item of mail (a utility bill…) arrived last week and the reality of it all hit me. I now have a San Francisco address.

Here’s to being young and figuring it out.

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